Emulsifying and Rubbing Machine

The multifunctional delicate emulsifying and rubbing machine has the function of self absorption and froth breaking, combining the advantages of emulsifier and rubbing machine. It provides a solution for producing the colloid or high-viscosity material which requests sufficient emulsifying and rubbing. It can be used individually or with emulsifying mixer or planet mixer.

1. Working Elements:

The linear velocity of emulsifying and rubbing machine can get to 21M/S. The rubbing module is composed of cone stator for adjusting clearance (the third stage) and cone stator for high speed revolution (the fourth stage). The rubbing clearance can be adjusted from 0.01mm to 2mm according to the producing requests. The flute of the rotor is more and more delicate by steps. The difference in depth and direction increases the volume of fluid. When the material goes through, the machine forms strong pressing, cutting, emulsifying, crushing, mixing, dispersing and rubbing force to get delicate particles. There is circulating water to cool the cone stator and the discharging cavity. This machine can provide multifunctional operation as per clients' special requests.

2. Usage Scope:

Food Industry: Butter, jam, dairy products, vegetable protein, animal protein and various food and beverage.

Chemical Industry: Paintings, pigment, dyes, adhesives, detergents, synthetic leathers, leathers, etc.

Daily Use Industry: Toothpaste, detergents, shoe polish, senior cosmetics, etc.

Medical Industry: Syrup, medicines, biological products, cod-liver oil and various ointments.



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